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Gamme Sécurité Renforcée, finition inox grain de cuir

Réhabilitation de l'immeuble Buisson à Barentin (76 - Seine Maritime)

Le bâtiment, qui datait des années soixante, a connu un incendie l'endommageant très fortement. Après étude pour savoir si le bâtiment était en mesure d'être sauvé, le maitre d'ouvrage Logéal Immobilière a confié cet important chantier de réfection au cabinet d’architecture Ulysses.

Les 6 halls d'entrée sont à présent munis de portes Cibox de la gamme Sécurité Renforcée en finition inox "grain de cuir".

Gamme Résidence, modèle clarté en champagne grainé

Rénovation sur-mesure d'une baie, dans une copropriété datant des années 1970 à Nice (Alpes Maritimes 06). L'immeuble est situé dans un quartier mythique de Nice (Cimiez) à deux pas des palaces de la Belle Époque dont Le Régina. Quartier protégé à présent et référencé au patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco.

Installateur : serrurerie RAIMBALDI CLEFS (06).

Gamme Sécurité Renforcée, avec intégration de boites aux lettres

Réhabilitation sur-mesure d'une copropriété à Asnières (Haut-de-Seine 92), avec le remplacement du sas d'entrée en aluminium par une baie acier de la gamme Sécurité Renforcée (bloc-porte et châssis fixes) intégrant des boites aux lettres doubles-faces (modèle Alizé).

Installateur : MI4E (95240 Cormeilles).

Gamme Sécurité Renforcée, modèle Quatuor

Réhabilitation sur-mesure de 2 entrées à Puteaux (Haut-de-Seine 92), avec une baie originale suivant la maçonnerie d'origine. Une modification de l'emplacement du bloc-porte a également été opéré avec une motorisation de la porte.

Mise en œuvre de l'option Cib’Matic couplée à des portes de la gamme Sécurité Renforcée.

Maître d’ouvrage : Cdc Habitat  /   Installateur : ELEC (60740 Saint-Maximin), groupe Vinci.

Residential range, clear model

The buildings of the "Résidence Belmont" were built in 1968 and needed new hall doors.

The 5 entrance doors were therefore replaced. The choice was made for the residential clear model range with antelio-clear reflective glazing.

Co-ownership managed by Foncia. Installer: Cometo company.

High Security range, Trio model

Rehabilitation of the Géraniums and Dahlias residences in Seine-Maritime (France).

Renovation of the halls with installation of motorized doors to facilitate access for residents. Implementation of the Cib'Matic option coupled with doors from High Security range.

Project Owner: Quevilly Habitat. Prime contractor: Acube (architect) and A2B Engineering (economist). Installer: Descourtis carpentry.

Residitial range, clear model

Majis private estate in Bouches du Rhône (France), a new programme created by Vinci Immobilier Méditerranée.

The entrance halls are composed of a succession of 2 entrance doors that act as temperature regulators between the exterior and interior.

The choice of door was oriented towards the Residence Clear model range to maximize light.

Automatic sliding doors, Cib'Slide range

Residence "Les jardins du Presbytère" in Loire-Atlantique (France).

Installation of a Cib'Slide motorized sliding door to meet the accessibility needs of occupants (people between ages). Door installed during the day including the removal of the old door.

Owner: Home Space.

High Security range, doors and fixed frames

Rehabilitation of a building located on Place Louis Jouvet in Les Deux-Sèvres (France).

The refurbishment has created more spacious and welcoming entrances. The halls are equipped with a large glass unit for maximum light. The choice was made for the Reinforced Security range (door& frame) with 44/2-12-44/2 insulating glass.

Project Owner: Deux-Sèvres Habitat.

Decorative range, Ouragan model

A housing complex containing 48 apartments. Installed around a patio, providing access to 4 entrance halls furnished with Cibox Ouragan doors from the Decorative range.

Each of the 4 buildings has its own unique colour with matching entrance doors and railing.

Real estate transaction carried out by the company Erilia. Architect: Mrs Criado.

CIB'AWW, air-water-wind resistant range

Two 5-storey buildings containing 80 apartments with 4 unique entrance halls.

They are built from traditional masonry and painted in bright colours. The 4 stairways are equipped with rust-coloured Cibox doors to complete the facade.

As the doors would often be exposed to adverse weather conditions (wind & rain), our Cib’AEV doors were requested. They have been awarded the French AEV ranking, certifying their air, water and wind resistance.

Project Owner: Promologis
Prime Contractor: B11 Architecture

Residential range, Trio model

A housing complex containing 20 apartments built by Drôme Aménagement Habitat.

Trio model entrance door unit surface mounted on interior with offset rails and pre-equipped for future Cib'Matic motorisation. Locking via access control on main door and single roller latch lock on interior door (airlock door).

Construction completed by the company EBS.

Decorative range, customisable model

Rehabilitation of 2 entrance halls in Maisons Alfort (France) with doors from the Decor range, in monobloc steel.

The new Decor door follows the spirit of the rounded pattern of the old wooden door with a custom-made laser-cut pattern.

Owner: syndic Loiselet&Daigremont.
Realization: Axe company, specialized in access control and automation.

Inside letterboxes with Hign Security range

Enhancements to security and access control and refurbishment of the housing complex’s entrance halls.

List of CIBOX products fitted: door units and fixed frames from the High Security range (Trio model with concealed door closer), car park security doors, Hercule indoor letterboxes, notice boards and waste paper bins.

Project Owner: Clairsienne
Contractor: A3M

High Security range, Duo model

Guy de Maupassant residence in Seine-Maritime (France): real estate transaction carried out for Sodineuf Habitat Normand.

The door and frame units are equipped with SP10-10-44/2 insulating and safety glass. The frame is extended to integrate an intercom board flush with the frame.

CIB'AWW, Air, Water and Wind resistant range

Rehabilitation of the "Les Arcades" Residence in France.

In order to improve accessibility, the architect removed the existing airlock and opted for single motorized entrance doors with excellent air, water and wind sealing (specific Cib'AWW range with Cib'Matic option). He also equipped the doors with insulating glass.

Project Owner: scalis. Prime contractor: STI-Design Studio EU. Installer: Adam SAS.

Letterboxes with Hign Security range

Restoration of the Ousse-des-bois neighbourhood made up of buildings constructed during the “Trente Glorieuses” period (1945 to 1975).

The buildings were fitted with doors from our High Security range with custom-made bases and perforated stainless steel sheets (R10T15) to protect the glazing and secure the entrance halls.

Project Owner: Béarnaise Habitat

Automatic sliding doors, Cib'Slide range

Renovation of a building transformed into a micro-crèche by the city of Saint Pierre des Corps near Tours (37).

The choice of the Cib'Slide range was made on several criteria: the need for a sliding door given the frequent passage within the building, an optimal door for PMR accessibility, a product that complies with EN16005, a robust monobloc steel door that is durable over time even in heavy use.

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