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Decorative range, Ouragan model

A housing complex containing 48 apartments. Installed around a patio, providing access to 4 entrance halls furnished with Cibox Ouragan doors from the Decorative range.

Each of the 4 buildings has its own unique colour with matching entrance doors and railing.

Real estate transaction carried out by the company Erilia. Architect: Mme Criado.

Residential range, Trio model : cliquez pour plus de photos

A housing complex containing 20 apartments built by Drôme Aménagement Habitat.

Trio model entrance door unit surface mounted on interior with offset rails and pre-equipped for future Cib'Matic motorisation. Locking via access control on main door and single roller latch lock on interior door (airlock door).

Construction completed by the company EBS.

AWW range, Duo model

Two 5-storey buildings containing 80 apartments with 4 unique entrance halls.

They are built from traditional masonry and painted in bright colours. The 4 stairways are equipped with rust-coloured Cibox doors to complete the facade.

As the doors would often be exposed to adverse weather conditions (wind & rain), our AWW range doors was requested. They have been awarded the AWW ranking, certifying their air, water and wind resistance.

Project Owner: Promologis
Prime Contractor: B11 Architecture

Gamme Résidence, modèle Clarté

Domaine privé Majis à la Ciotat (département 13), programme créé par Vinci Immobilier Méditerranée.

Les halls d'entrée sont composés d'une succession de 2 portes d’entrée qui agissent comme régulateur de température entre l’extérieur et l’intérieur.

Le choix de la porte s'est orienté vers la gamme Résidence modèle Clarté pour maximiser la lumière.

High security range, Duo model

Housing complex built by Sodineuf Habitat Normand.

List of CIBOX products fitted: door units and fixed frames from the High Security range with 44/6-14-44/2 insulating safety glass, providing a P5A rated anti-burglary protection.

The door features a larger frame designed to include the intercom panel.

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