Cib'Insul range

INSULATING & reassuring

Designed to insulate entrance halls.
An energy efficient solution for architects and project managers.

Fixed frames

Door set models

Heat insulation confort

Our entrance doors all come with an insulating polypropylene honeycomb core as standard, and can also be fitted with insulating glass.

We understand however that certain settings require even higher levels of insulation (eco-retrofitting, new environmentally-friendly buildings, etc.). That’s why we have created our dedicated Heat Insulation range (Cib’Insul).

These thermal-break doors meet even the most demanding building standards with their structural design and special glass.

Level of insulation of doors Ud < 1,7 W/m2.K
with low emissivity insulating glass (CEKAL quality) Ug = 1,1 W/m2.K

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • Pivoted doors with built-in finger guard
  • 4 base models available in various finishes and colours
  • Large selection of handles
  • Certified double electromagnetic locking system (300 daN each)
  • Concealed Pivot Door Closer (closing force 3 to 5)

  • Contact us to discover all our finishes and optional features.


Technically excellent, robust doors

Other than their excellent insulating properties, our Cib'Insul doors offer the same levels of security as our High Security doors. Our aim is to provide strong, solid doors that stand the test of time, helping project managers find the perfect solution for securing their entrance halls against vandalism and break-in.

Fixed frame and transom models

Customise your entrance halls

The designs of our frames are identical to those of our door sets with extremely resistant 15/10 electro-galvanized steel that has been laser cut, bent, then mechanically joined to the insulating components.

They are extremely robust and resistant to vandalism, and come without glazing bead and with thermal-break glass frames made of aluminium profiles and fixed EPDM U-joints, compatible with various types of simple or low emissivity CEKAL quality insulating glass. Our frames have no visible screws.

If even more peace of mind is what you’re after, they can be fitted with 44/6-14-44/2 insulating safety glass with P5A rated anti-burglary protection.

From standard to made-to-measure solutions

  • 4 standard models available

  • Multiple different ways to align the rails on the doors sets

  • Adjustable rail and base heights

  • Various types of glazing available

  • Contact us to discover all our finishes and optional features.