CIB'Slide range

COMFORT & accessibility

Bring all the benefits of sliding doors to your apartment buildings

Single-leaf model

All the qualities of steel combined with the practicality of sliding doors

With its Cib'Slide single-leaf range, Cibox has designed sliding doors that are fully suitable for apartment buildings. Ideal for public access or high-rise buildings, Cib’Slide doors also provide easy access for all types of residents in apartment buildings, including the elderly and people with reduced mobility, families with prams or multiple shopping bags, etc.

Available in steel or lacquered stainless steel with single or double glazing, CIB'Slide doors come with an electromagnetic locking system (300 daN) and can be wired to an access control system.

They are fully compliant with all the latest safety standards and regulation (EN16005, article CO48, PMR regulations, etc.) and will fit seamlessly into any project or surroundings.

Technically excellent, robust doors

Cib’Slide sliding doors are our latest creation and are designed in a similar way to our swing doors, tailored to our customers’ requirements, with a solid monobloc unit, excellent durability, easy care & maintenance, all in a sober and elegant design.

For our automatic systems and operators, we work alongside our German partner DORMA, a world leader in the field of automation.


An ideal alternative to swing doors

Our Cib'Slide motorised sliding doors greatly facilitate access to a building with no leaf to push or pull, no threshold on the ground, no door handles to turn, and do not require any physical effort to open.

They optimise your entrance halls and free up space as they do not swing inwards, creating a clear, secure area.

They are also highly resistant to wind and offer residents superior soundproofing qualities.

Réglementation accessibilité bâtiment

Especially suitable for residents with reduced mobility


Easy to install and maintain

Our Cib'Slide doors are delivered fully assembled and configured.

Moreover, only the motorised system and built-in auto controlled mechanical system are fitted into the horizontal beam in the upper rail. All the electrical components are offset in the twin central mounting posts (CIBOX patent) for easy installation and maintenance (work at shoulder height).