Features & Optional EXTRAS

for Cibox entrance doors

Larger Frame

Can be fitted instead of a standard frame.

Monobloc frame compatible with doors from the Residential, Decorative and High Security ranges.

Mounting Post

Custom mounting post compatible with all Cibox entrance doors and Cib’Matic door openers.

Hatch models

Access hatches secured by vandal-resistant screws or Euro lock built-in to larger frames or mounting posts.

Integrated Door Entry Panel

Provide us with the dimensions for your own intercom panels to be fitted.
We shall ensure there is enough space.

Flush or surface mounted depending on your preferences.

Door Closer Models

See all our door closers.

Overhead or concealed models fitted in the upper rail of the frame, unobtrusive on your door’s appearance and protected from vandalism.

Cib'Matic automatic door opener

Improve the accessibility of your entrance halls with Cib'Matic: an automatic door opener compatible with all Cibox swing doors.

Fully concealed, easy to install and configure, reliable, durable and silent.

Electromagnetic locking systems

See our electromagnetic locking systems.

> Made in France.
> Double electromagnetic locking system (300 or 600 daN each) certified by CNPP.
> 800 daN electromagnetic locking system with sucker, an exclusive patented Cibox design.

Cib'Lock locking system

A revolution in entrance door locking systems.

> A Cibox exclusive
> Customisable height
> 800 daN holding force
> Concealed electromagnetic locking system

Handle models

Over 10 different models of handles in various sizes.

Door stop models

9 door stop models available in various sizes.

Pivot models

Pivot kits for each Cibox entrance door range.

Classic standard pivots or stainless steel ultra-resistant monobloc pivots, made by us, highly compatible and approved by leading door closer manufacturers.

Finger guard models

Anti-finger-trap system with bent and formed sheet metal that is fitted directly onto the leaf.

> Guaranteed protection against shearing.

Glazing options

A large selection of standard or insulating glass.

> Laminated glass in various different finishes
> CEKAL quality insulating glass


16 standard colours available. Other colours available on request.

3 stainless steel finishes.